In The Beginning

The idea for Celebration Scarves began in 2008 when I was asked to plan a dinner and arrange for a small gift to be presented to 11 very special women. Each had volunteered many hours of time to coordinate the production of a long-running, annual celebration of Epiphany – The Boar's Head Festival. The challenge was to find a gift that was special enough to adequately reflect the tremendous level of gratitude for their tireless dedication and service while also capturing the beauty and majesty of the festival itself.

An original gift was in order, one that was personal not manufactured, that would allow the recipients to immediately connect to the powerful message told through The Boar's Head Festival and also remind them of their great contribution to the history of this unique celebration. My creative juices began to percolate and I decided to create something they could wear during the winter months (Epiphany is in early January), something that would fit everyone, something that would visually evoke an emotional connection for them and something to make them feel distinguished and beautiful for years to come. I settled on crafting scarves for each of them that included images from the festival – snowflakes, musical notes, holly leaves, camels (yes, we have real, live, spitting camels!) and a star. I accomplished this by embossing beautiful, rich velvet using rubber stamps (some commercially available and some handcarved) and heat.

The scarves were presented to the group on the 25th anniversary of The Boar's Head Festival and were very much appreciated by all. They will never be duplicated, given or sold to anyone else, thereby connecting this small group not only to the festival but to each other as well. In fact the response was so positive that I was inspired to tell other stories on scarves combining the same techniques and my own designs. Celebration Scarves was established as a result of this effort.